What is AVG VPN Protection and How is it useful?

AVG is one of the best antivirus software programs and is known for its amazing features and excellent performance. It is specifically designed for providing 100% protection against virus, malware and online threats. Apart from its features and functionality, it comes with AVG Secure VPN that is ideal for working on Windows, Macs, iPhones, PC, and Android devices. It is designed with bank-grade encryption and port-blocking fudging algorithm and that provides private internet access even for that moment when you are using an un-trusted network. With this VPN service, one can easily switch their IP address with just a click. If you want to know more about this service then get connected with technical experts at AVG vpn.


Before moving ahead, let’s known that what is this service ideal for? Then, the answer is, VPN is perfect for those who are consistently using public Wi-Fi or want to access those websites where access is not allowed. This service also helps you in case if you prefer anonymous browsing or wish to involve yourself in unfettered online activities such as torrent downloading and avoid government snooping.

Let’s have a look at the installation process of VPN service on Mac:

  • First, log in to your Mac as an administrator and make sure that you do not have third party software
  • Click on the www.avg.com to get the AVG Secure VPN setup file and then save it on your MAC
  • Open the setup file and then double-click on the AVG Secure VPN icon in the installation wizard
  • After that, click on Continue and when the pop-ups appear then click on Continue to proceed
  • Read the license agreement and then click on Agree to confirm that you have accepted the agreement
  • Click on install
  • If asked then enter the touch ID and enter your administrator user name and password
  • Then, click on Install Software to allow the installation process
  • Wait until the AVG Secure VPN is installed on your MAC
  • After that, click on Close

Install AVG Secure VPN on Windows:

  • Log in to Windows as a user with the administrator permissions and then make sure that your device doesn’t have third-party software
  • Click on the www.avg.com to download the AVG Secure VPN setup file and then save it on your PC
  • Open the setup file and then select Run as administrator
  • If asked by the User Account Control dialog for permission then click on Yes
  • Select the preferred language from the drop-down menu and then click on OK
  • Read the license agreement and then click on Accept after that click on Next
  • Now, click on the browser and then hit on Install
  • Wait until the setup install and then click on Finish

AVG provides their plans for multiple devices and the plan that which you buy is only compatible with the specific device. Such as, if you buy a VPN for MAC then it only will work on MACs. If you want a VPN for PCs then, you have to buy VPN for Windows. It is an option that works for more than one kind of operating system.

Let’s have a look at the features of the AVG Secure VPN service

  • Simple User Interface:

The interface is very user-friendly and simple and has no complicated settings that confused you.

  • Dedicated Mac Version:

Many software applications of PC fall short when they are adapted to run on a Mac, but the AVG’s VPN was created using proprietary Apple programming that means it will run flawlessly on Mac.

  • Automation:

AVG comes with a variety of versatile customizable automation options for the VPN. It can automatically turn on while you are connected to an un-trusted network and it can start repeatedly when your PC is on or while you open the program. It also provides the facility to disable and enable the notifications which makes you aware that VPN is working.

  • Peer-to-Peer Connections (P2P)

AVG allows you to make P2P via their data center connections that means you can involve yourself in unidentified torrent downloading on a safe network.

So these are the overview of AVG Secure VPN that makes you clear to choose this service for your device. It is known for its excellent functionality but if in case you are facing any trouble while installation process and other vpn services, then it is advisable to contact AVG Contact Number UK. The technical team will help you to resolve the problem in the shortest time frame.

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