How to enhance the speed of Windows using Kaspersky Internet Security?

Kasperksy antivirus provides you advanced security solutions for your PC. The latest design, protection from Ransomware and safe money enhancements are its excellent latest features. Kaspersky 2019 internet security suites provide firewall, anti-phishing, and antivirus engine features. With the help of outstanding features, it provides comprehensive protection to the devices. Apart from this, it is also known for enhancing the performance of the system. For that, you just have to configure Kaspersky Internet Security and in this guide, we will discuss the exact procedure of configuration so that you can enhance the speed of Windows.

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For the entire solution, follow the given steps:

Step 1:Enable Battery Saving & Gaming Profile:

  • Select the check box that is linked to Disable Scheduled Scan tasks while running on battery power
  • Select the Use Gaming Profile that is linked with the checkbox. This option improves the settings of all Kaspersky Internet Security components when gaming applications are running in the full-screen mode. For instance, a pop-up alert will not appear.

Step 2:Improve Computer Resources:

Choose the following checkboxes:

  • Concede resources to the operating system once the computer starts
  • Concede resources to another application. Computer Scan tasks will be on hold when the CPU and disk systems are on heavy load.
  • Perform Idle Scan

Now, clear the checkbox that is linked to Search for software which is planned to cover the traces of malicious program in the system (rootkits). Rootkit search will not be conducted in the background mode.

Step 3:Pause File Anti-Virus:

  • Click on the link Pause File Anti-Virus
  • In the Pause File Anti-Virus window, choose the checkbox and then set the time using arrows
  • If you want to pause the work of File Anti-Virus at startup of the selected application and then, Click on Add
  • In the Open window, find the conducted file of the application and then, click on Open
  • In the Pause File Anti-Virus window, click on Save
  • In the end, close the application window

By following these simple processes, you can speed up your computer system. It is advisable to follow these steps very carefully to avoid any glitches. If you are facing any issue while doing it then call, Kaspersky Support UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant help. The technical teams are available 24×7 to serve their best and resolve the issue shortly.

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