How AVG cleaner and AVG Firewall work?

AVG antivirus is known as one of the best antivirus programs when it comes to protecting your device against viruses, malware, and threats. It comes with some amazing features that provide comprehensive protection to your device, network, and online threats. Along with its other effective features, it also comes with AVG cleaner and AVG Firewall. In this guide, we will discuss the working procedure of these both features.



First of all, let’s talk about AVG cleaner and its working procedure:

AVG Cleaner is an ideal and effective free utility from the developers of the popular and famous AVG Antivirus. It helps to detect and remove all types of junk and temporary files in the systems. By cleaning them, it boosts the complete performance of the device. So, AVG Cleaner helps you to get rid of unnecessary things to get additional free space on the disks and safeguards the system slowdown.

Install AVG Cleaner:

  • Download and install the current version of AVG Cleaner
  • Open the app then, tap on getting Started
  • Now, click on Basic Version to continue with the free version of the app, then if asked and tap to Continue as Free to confirm

Working Procedure:

AVG Cleaner is a multi-purpose customizable utility that optimizes that entire system by arranging the data stored on the hard drive. In certain, it conducts the following functions:

  • Finds and removed user junk files
  • Cleans the cache of internet browsers
  • Remove system and temporary files and cleans the trash bin
  • Detects the junk which remains after the app de-installation and removes it
  • Looks for the unnecessary and duplicates files and provides to delete them

Now, we will talk about the AVG Firewall:

AVG Firewall helps to monitor the network traffic between your device/PC and the world to safeguard you from untrusted and unauthorized intrusions and communication. The feature is developed to need minimal input from you. To make sure that you are completely safeguarded, all you need to do is to keep the Firewall turned on and when asked, choose the suitable Firewall profile for every network where you have to connect.

How to get AVG Firewall:

To get AVG Firewall first of all,

  • Double-click on AVG Internet Security icon on your desktop and then,
  • Click on the Hacker Attacks tile
  • After that, click on the Red (OFF) slider so that it changes to green (ON)
  • If asked by the AVG Component to stop dialog, click on Yes
  • Enhanced Firewall is now enabled and you can enjoy a safe and secure network on your device

Working of AVG Firewall:

A set of regulations and rules are defined within the AVG Firewall. These rules help to control the behavior of all services or applications that were detected on your computer and that require to interact over the network. The basic AVG Firewall settings make you able to assign the below-given values to every rule:

Block: network communication is prohibited in both directions

Allow: Network interaction is allowed in both directions

Ask: no certain rule is defined and if the specific service or application tries to approach the network then, you will be asked to decide if the communication should be blocked or allowed.

By following these methods, you can easily get the AVG Firewall and AVG cleaner. Also, you can know the working procedures of these both features. Call on AVG Support UK if you are facing any issue while installing or enabling these features. You will be assisted by the expert technicians to get your issues resolved.

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