How to fix AOL not sending Emails?

AOL webmail service came into existence in the year 1993; the main occupation of this service is sending and receiving Emails. The problem with this service is it does not work without an internet connection. The service is otherwise well compatible with all the devices be it a windows operating system or a cell phone or any other device. If you need help then, in that case, ask experts at AOL Contact UK.

As the webmail service has a lot of technologies as well as features associated with it, therefore, it is often seen that the user gets stuck in trouble such as sometimes it becomes tricky for the user to receive a mail or to recover a forgotten password and a lot more. Similarly, if you are unable to send an Email then, in that case, the user should follow the given steps –

  • Restart your system – Not being able to send an Email is a very common and basic issue that can crop up while using AOL. The most basic solution can be giving a restart to the system as a restart will clear the internal memory of the system.
  • Use another browser– Check the browser if it is working up to date or not if you are not using an updated browser then it is advisable that you change the browser for logging in your AOL mail ID.
  • Display name– see to it that there is no combination of AOL mail in the name that is displayed on your ID. In order to figure out if the Email account has been compromised.
  • Cache clearance – Clearing the cache from the browser is also something that will help with the solution. It is advisable that you conduct a browser reset.
  • Disable security software– It is seen that sometimes the issue occurs due to some issue with the security software or its firewall. Therefore it is advisable that the user gets the security software disabled and then tries to send the Email.

If you still need help or support then, in that case, it is advisable that the user goes to the experts for that. The experts can be reached at AOL Support UK.

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