How to Fix Avast antivirus issues

Avast antivirus users do get to face a lot of issues and errors associated with their workings such as corruption in the installation files or the user can also get stuck into some error codes. At certain points the user fails to open the user interface of the software in that case conducting a repair of the software often helps the user with the fix of the issue.


In order to conduct a repair of the software the user should follow the given steps –

  • Log in windows with admin permissions
  • There should be no other security software running on the system
  • Right click the windows icon or the start button and from the menu that appears select the option “apps and features”
  • Then select your version of Avast antivirus and further select uninstall
  • As you see the user account control dialog box for permissions then click “yes”
  • Then as you see the set up wizard click the option “repair”
  • Then wait for the repair procedure to complete and then click “done.”

If you get stuck anywhere with the repair procedure then in that case it is advisable that you connect with the team of Avast Helpline UK.

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