How to Resolve Norton Server Error?

If you are Norton user and get stuck with the Server Error then it is advisable to get it resolved as soon as possible. When this error occurs, Norton stopped working on your device and puts your PC under danger because Norton is specifically developed to provide comprehensive protection to your device. It fights against viruses, malware, Trojans, and threats. It is integrated with outstanding features that make it best for PC protection. Unlike other security software, it also comes with some default and flaws due to which it stopped working on your device. Don’t worry the Norton support uk is always there to help you in such errors. You cannot resolve the error on your own because you are from a non-technical background and are unknown with the happening error.



Norton Server Error is one of them which gets your stuck and will not allow Norton to work on your computer. In that case, we are here with this post to guide you to troubleshoot Norton Server Error in a very simple way. We are providing the resolution methods for Mac and Windows OS. Move ahead with these procedures as per your Operating System.


  • There might be a chance that there is a problem when you activate Norton. To get it resolved it is advisable to run LiveUpdate for that,
  • Start Norton and in the notification area, right-click on the Norton icon and then click on Run LiveUpdate
  • When Norton LiveUpdate is completed then, click on Ok
  • Run LiveUpdate until you see the message, “Your Norton product has the new protection updates”
  • Exit all programs and then restart the computer. Now, your Norton is successfully activated


Step: 1

Remove License for your Mac:

  • Sign in to Norton. In the Device Security page, select your Mac device and then click on the three-dot icon
  • If your Mac device does not appear on My Norton portal and then skip to Step 2
  • Then, click on Delete Device and in the Remove Device confirmation window, click on Remove
  • After doing this, just click on Done

Step: 2

Activate Norton:

  • Start Norton and in the Norton main window, click on Activate Now
  • Enter your Norton account credentials in the Subscription window and click on Sign In. if you don’t have Norton account then create a new one to register for an account
  • The product licenses registered to your Norton account and the subscription information for the registered license will be appeared. To use a previous subscription to activate your product and then click on Next
  • If you have a new product key and then select Use a Product key an after that click on Enter a Key
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to finish the activation process.

By following these steps, you can easily resolve the Server Error which you are receiving from the Norton. It is advisable to follow these procedures very carefully and conduct it under a stable and strong internet connection. Just call on Norton UK Contact for complete assistance from the trained technical teams.

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