What should I do to fix “AVG UI Failed to Load” error?

As we all know that AVG is one of the most famous and popular antivirus programs that are specifically developed to provide excellent security against malware as well as virus attack. In this modern era, it is really to install the antivirus as the virus becomes more common and then users become prey of these virus attacks due to which they vanished all the confidential and important data. Therefore, it is essential to install AVG antivirus program on your device. But issues and errors are more often to come in the application and software and that is why various users face the error message “UI Failed to Load” while running the AVG antivirus on the device. This error will stop the whole from running as well as the programs also stop running that exposes the users to the malware, virus and threat attacks. In that case, get it resolved as soon as possible.



Let’s have a look at the reason and resolution of the “AVG UI Failed to Load” error:

This error may happen due to the incorrect configuration of window services on your system. In that case, you have to correct them to troubleshoot this error if the message has not resolved even after rebooting your computer.

Resolution method for Windows 10:

  • First of all, restart your computer and then start your windows with the permission of administration
  • Press Window key + R key simultaneously to enter in the “window services console”
  • After entering the “windows services console”, you will need to type the command “services.msc” in the required search field and then click on Ok.
  • After entering the “services console” select “remote desktop services” from the drop-down menu
  • Then right-click on it and then select “properties” from the appeared list
  • After that, visit the “general tab” and then choose “automatic” that is just next to the drop-down “startup type” and then click on “apply” to confirm the changes
  • If the services stop then click on “start” and after that restart your computer and access the program again
  • In the “services console,” you have to find “terminal server” and then “right-click” on it and then select “properties”
  • In the end, go to the “general” tab and in the start-up type select “automatic” and click on “apply” to confirm the changes

Through these simple methods, you can easily troubleshoot this error. Call AVG Contact UK to get connected with experts in case you are facing any issue while doing this. It is advisable to conduct these procedures very carefully to avoid any type of glitches.

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